Monday, December 15, 2008

the people who made it all.

There are many tools that the egyptians used to make their jewelry. But a very popular item used was a capstone. This particular item was two coppertubes. It was made of brass, tin plates and soft steele. Capstones were useful for putting strings together.

the skilled jewelry makers.

Well, there really isnt much to say here but maybe you want to know who made the jewelry..?Well, if so, then keep reading.Lol. metalworkers were who mostly made the jewelry. It all started about five thousand years ago. That was when the ancient egyptians developed the techinques that it took to make jewelry and lots of other stuff too.

the fashionable way to wear it.

maybe you were wondering, "how did egyptians were there jewelry??"Did they wear it like we do today? Or did they wear it completely different?well, this may surprise you but they actually did wear it pretty similar to us. Just like us today, they wore bracelets around their wrists,..JUST LIKE US!They also even wore earrings that kind of look a little similar to the earrings that we wear today. Even though they did wear very similar jewelry at times, they still had some very different jewelry too. For example, they sometimes wore these gold dangling chain like things, that went around there ankles. And they even wore giant head pieces. Now that is strange. (:

The reason for jewelry.

Woman, men and children all wore jewelry. Ha, sounds kinda strange, right??well, maybe to you it is but to them, it wasn't at all. Jewelry was mostly worn by wealthy people, the people who could actually afford most of it. But the unwealthy sometimes wore it too! Jewelry was actually pretty important to egyptians. Most wore it for religious reasons even!(:

totally cute jewels(:

well, from what i have read, Egyptian jewelry makers used lots of different jewels and stones to make jewelry. they used lots of semiprecious stones. but the most popular was to use feldspar and Cornelian. other popular stones they used were emeralds and diamonds. i bet there jewelry was CUTE.ha(:
Here is a picture of a ruby jade sapphire pearl.(: